About Us

MegaMindful Living is a ONE of a KIND, community-orientated wellness center focusing on helping others to improve and maintain health through healthy eating and exercise. With its on site fitness studio, health foods shop and plant based cafe', MegaMindful Living is a one stop shop for all things health and wellness. 

Located conveniently in the heart of Downtown Midland and owned and operated by Janice Marchildon, a Nurse Practitioner with almost 30 years of experience working with patients with chronic illness and a member of the American Academy of Lifestyle Medicine. Janice works in collaboration with her daughter Megan, Founder of MegaMindful Living and a 3x All American Heptathlete currently competing as a Plant-Based International Functional Fitness athlete.

Mother and Daughter, Janice and Megan

Why is MegaMindful Living needed in our community?

According to the Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada (CDPAC), 40% of Cancers and 80% of Heart Disease, Type II Diabetes and Respiratory Disease are preventable by eliminating 4 common risk factors: Poor Nutrition, Inactivity, Smoking, and Alcohol.

MegaMindful living is here just in time as new research is showing that the average life expectancy has decreased for the first time since 1950 due to depression/suicide and obesity.

To learn more about Chronic Disease Trends and its impact in Canada please visit www.cdpac.ca.